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Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally - THE Christmas Card ... :)

There has been so much going on, so many family and friends getting sick, just so much everything, that I had not designed the Christmas card I was going to use this year.  Finally, a few days before Christmas, it is done! (It's a good thing I hand deliver most of my cards :)
As usual, I just have no expertise in photographing cards. This one is so pretty in person with shiny paper, shimmery ribbon, shiny glitter and a couple touches of bling. (I sure wish someone had a class on how to "Effectively Photograph Cards 101" - I would sign up in a heartbeat!)

BTW - have friends become a follower of my blog - I'm trying for 100 and the 100th person will win a nice prize. If that 100th person mentions the follower who referred her/him to the blog - that person also will win a nice prize! So help me out here :)


  1. Wow I love the colors and the embellies of this card..The bling is a nice touch. Beautiful. I am already a good luck with making 100.

  2. It's a lovely card all delicate in pale blue and white. I find my cards photo best in natural overcast light against a white background. The hardest to photo would be glitter or acrylic.