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Monday, September 19, 2011

My First Charm:)

I am experimenting with charms and I love making them! Michael's has a package of 12 pre-cut bookmarks (size 2-1/4"x6") so I decided to make bookmarks and use the charms on them. Pictured is the very first one I made - it isn't perfect, but I like it!

Making the charms causes some discomfort in my wrist and fingers (because of carpal tunnel and old age), so it takes me a while to complete them. All you "young-uns" out there should be able to knock 'em out quick time! ;)
Thanks for stopping by, I love your visits. Also - help me reach that 101 mark - I am so wanting to give away the Cricut cartridge I bought just for the occasion!
Hugs to you all! -Patsy-


  1. Ooooooh I like!!! Beautiful job Patsy!!

  2. Patsy, whatever you do just turns out beautiful!!! I love your charm, it's lovely!

  3. Patsy, thank you for your sweet words!!!!! I love your charm and that books looks awesome too! Love your work!