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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Candle Trio Centerpiece



I LOVE candles. In my event decorating days, I used candles a lot when designing centerpieces and silk floral arrangements. Because of the heat generated by the burning flame, decorating the candles to coordinate with the event theme could be a real challenge (AND if there were children or inebriated guests at an event, burning candles created a risk of injury or fire). Along came the battery-operated candles in all shapes, colors, sizes - and even scents - candle heaven! 
   I bought this set of three LED candles at Hobby Lobby. (I used 40% off coupon, but they are often on sale there at 50% off.) I used ivory 6" tulle and cut it in appropriately sized strips to wrap around each candle, providing a suitable surface for adhering the ribbon and flowers to. Amazingly, the red tacky tape  I used to attach the tulle, ribbon and flowers on the slippery surface of the candles worked extrememly well!
   You can use patterned paper to wrap around the candles - vellum works very well. To make a gorgeous centerpiece place your finished candle(s) on a mirror and sprinkle glitter all around! Or design a beach-theme candle and scatter a little sand and small sea shells on the base! Sooooo cute....
   My candles are decorated  with some left over scraps hanging around my table, but one can really go wild jazzing up the candles!


  1. Love this! I enjoy candles too- but I've never thought about the LED candles!! You're amazing Pasty! Thank for the inspiration!!

  2. Patty, these candles look beautiful!!! I'm a big fan of the LED candles too but hadn't thought to embellish them. Great idea!


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