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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

RU - This one's for you!!!

The inspiration for this card is my wonderful friend Ru - she's such a Darling! I cut the scallop shape from Mini Monograms, the butterflies from Indie Art, and the sentiment from - well, I forget that one...
I cut the scallop out of cardstock and one out of some beautiful, sparkly, heavy weight vellum that I have had for a while. (Click on the photo to see a larger one with more detail.) The gems and flowers are from my stash. I edged the base scallop in a couple of different tints of purple ink, and dotted the "i" in friends and life with Tiara Stickles. Photo 1 is a shot of the entire card. Photo 2 is a close shot of the top. Photo 3 is a close up shot of the bottom. If you would like the cut file, just email me:!


  1. Hi, Patsy! I guess you haven't yet read my previous post comment because I never got a response -- I hope all's well. It was regarding the Showcase. I saw your name but the fairies and I weren't sure of your entry because it kept linking back to my blog.

    However, because you were supportive in attempting to play with us, and because we appreciate you making an effort, we would like to present you with a token of our appreciation for trying to allow us the opportunity to showcase your talent.

    I am so sorry, we just didn't know what to do regarding what your project was.

    You can pick your tag of appreciation up from my blog at your convenience within the next 14 days (at which time it'll will be deleted for new showcases).

    Thank you for your kind words you left me, and I do hope you come back and actually play with us again. We'd love to have you any time. You inspire and motivate with every project you make!!!

    Hugs, my friend!!!

  2. Hey Pats! I tried commenting twice on this and for some reason it just wouldn't post it. Let me try again. I LOVE THE CARD and it's made just for ME and that makes me love it even more. I feel so special now. You're so creative and I love everything you do. We are definitely "friends for life"! You can't get rid of me! Lots of love and hugs! Ru :o)


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